Ok, I think this is going to be my last time talking about dreams for a bit.  Woke up this morning from another "hanging out with an author" dream.  This time, I know whence this one has come, it's because I'm waiting for the next book to drop this coming Tuesday, Skin Game by Jim Butcher.  So, yeah, had a dream where I was hanging out chatting with Jim Butcher.  Ordinary geek type conversations, books, movies, comics, gaming.  Pretty much exactly what I'd expect to do if I ever actually did hang out with him some time.  Because, well, that's what I expect to do with most authors I meet.  In this case, having seen enough video talks of his, I've apparently internalized it enough to pass muster in dream land.  I do find it rather strange that most of these dreams are about authors I've never met in person, rather than the many that I have.  (The exception being one dream where I was back in Viable Paradise hanging out with the crew all there, but I'm pretty sure that one was nostalgia as it was about 11 months after the workshop.)  I still don't know what purpose the dreams serve.  Maybe it means I miss hanging out with other authors.  Or maybe I just want to be more successful, and they are unconscious images of what I think life might be like if I worked harder, and had more success with writing.   Or maybe they are just wishful thinking, that I might get to hang out with my version of "the cool kids."  Who knows.  But now I'm tired, and it's a long weekend, and I hope to get some relaxation under my belt while I can.
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