While I'm tempted to find an Alice Cooper video, to go with the title of the post, I'm not sure that ole AC is appropriate for the Pre-K and 1st grader.

The boys are both excited to be done, and I think at the same time a bit sad.  I remember how that feels.  You crave the comfort and familiarity of a teacher you know, and a class filled with kids you have made friends with.  But you also look forward to moving forward, the feeling of accomplishment that means you've advanced to the next grade.  Kind of like finishing off a level in a video game, and advancing to find yourself on the next board.  (OK, maybe that analogy is a stretch.)

I'll leave you with this snippet of conversation between Little Man and Younger Son and myself.

Me (to Little Man): After tomorrow, you won't be a first grader any more.  You'll be...
LM: A second grader.
Me (to Younger Son): And you won't be in Pre-K, you'll be...
After a pause..
YS: I don't know.
LM: A kindergartener.
YS (pumps his fists into the air): Yes!
LM: Have you been waiting your whole life to be a kindergartener?
YS (pulls his fists down his chest in a sort of victory gesture): Yes!

Hope you all have a fabulous start to your summer.
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