I just finished a re-listen of Cold Days, by Jim Butcher in anticipation to the new book, Skin Game.  So, I'm in a holding pattern waiting as it will be out shortly.  I don't always go back and reread books when the new ones come out.  Some times I do.  I used to do that a lot more when I was a kid or in college.  Then again, I had more time for such things as re-reads back in the day.  These days, in the precious hours I have at all to dedicate to reading, I prefer to mostly take on new things.

But in this case, because the books really do have a compounding effect, one building a bit more, and a bit more, upon prior books, and it being much more than a year later, I decided to freshen up the brain with the events of the last book.  The nice thing about audiobooks, is you can make use of them while doing other things.  Laundry.  Dishwasher. Commuting.  Yard work.  And so, it's helpful to me to get to do a re-listen which, while it means I couldn't use that time to listen to a new book, also means I'm mostly finding ways to get it in during double duty.

What about you?  Do you like to re-read when a new book in a favorite series comes out?  Do you just jump in?  Do you even re-read at all, or do you hate the very notion?  Let me know what you think.


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