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([personal profile] temporus Jan. 1st, 2013 10:21 pm)

Welcome 2013.  I hope you are ready.  You've got 365 days to be awesome, don't waste any.

So far, a moderate and slow start.  Or perhaps an awesome one, it's hard to say.  Slept in.  Got to Home Depot.  Replaced the dimmer in my bedroom.  It was driving the family (especially Celine) crazy, so that just had to get done.  Also managed to pick up a small bit of metal to reinforce the catch on the door that hides the garbage under the cabinet.  Very important as the Fearless Mop had figured out that he could pretty much nose open the door to the garbage at whim, which meant he could get into the trash whenever he wanted.  Which is pretty much whenever there's something in there he might possibly think he would want to eat.  (Aka, whenever he remembers it is there.)  So that's done.  Did some a little TV rodeo switching around which sets belonged where.  Also fixed all the remotes so that there's a remote that works the TV and TiVO in all locations properly.  Moved luggage where it needs to be, since we were tired and got in late last night from our vacation to D.C.  Stopped to buy some food stuff on the way back from Home Depot.  Also got a few supplies for the tank.  The plants have thinned out (IE, the goldfish are ravenous beasts that aren't happy with just normal food) and it needs a bit more green, so I bought some, and added those.   Also had our old roommates over for dinner with their young son. 

All in all, a busy, and somewhat productive day, if a kind of slow and relaxed start and pace.  

Oh, and look, I wrote on the blog.  Wow. 

Now, if I can just get a little writing time in before bedtime, I'll call this a win for day 1

Not bad 2013.  Let's see if we can't keep the groove going.

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