In 2012, I was fortunate enough to be accepted to the Viable Paradise workshop.  I had excellent instructors, fantastic staff, and a spectacular cohort of writers that joined me in a journey to learn what we could and improve our craft.  I made a great many friends, and I find myself cheering on these great writers as they each build their career.  Every publication by one of my fellow VP 16 graduates gives me goosebumps.  These are good authors, and I'm thrilled to have been witness to some part of that journey with them.

If you are looking for a week long writing workshop/retreat that specializes in SF & Fantasy, this might just be it.  You can find more information here:

I will be forever grateful for the time I spent there among that group of talented individuals, and should you apply, I hope you have as informative, inspiring, and empowering time as I did.
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