So this weekend, a local library had a small Children's and Teens Book Fair.   I took my sons, and we had a good time.  At first, because it was not our usual library, they insisted on going to the kids section and just playing with the toys/reading books.  Which was a touch frustrating, because, you know: authors were there giving talks and readings, and cool stuff like that.  I guess I should have known, new library, new toys, new books.  Too much new stuff to play with first.  They did come around, and we did meet most of the authors there.  The Little Man even got excited at one point because he recognized one of the books as one they'd read in class this year, and I'm pretty sure his jumping up and down made the author feel good. 

After the boys hit their limit in the library, we stopped outside to have a snack, and play in the playground for a few minutes to burn off some energy.   After some minutes of chasing my guys around the park, I sat in a low portion of the structure, in a little niche that was rather too small for me, but I was getting out of the sun, and into a trollish position to be able to reach out, and up and pretend to attack the boys as they tried to sneak past me on he bridge above.  As I sat there  I noticed a little graffiti. It struck me as a bit profound in it's own way, so I took a snap shot to share.  Here it is:

Things do, indeed, happen.  Relationships end.  I got to wondering, who put that there, was it Bryan? Criscelle?  A friend. To me, it's matter of fact, not bitter.  Perhaps some regret, but not angry.  No name calling, no blame slung.  A simple acceptance of the new state of a relationship. I found it curious, too, that it's a kind of hidden statement, but done in a far more permanent way than you'd expect in this digital age where things of this nature normally flare out to the public, then fade quickly to the archive of all things online.   And so it goes.
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